Do it for the Kids: The Amazing Race

Fawcett’s recently sponsored T-shirts for the amazing race for Do it for the Kids. Do it For the Kids! is a non-profit organisation, founded to give the community an opportunity to serve the less privileged. They work primarily with orphanages, but are slowly expanding to reach all those in need. THE AMAZING RACE took…
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The benefits of doing a driving assessment

A comprehensive driving evaluation process can determine: • Whether you have the skills and abilities to drive safely; • What corrections (if any) are needed; • What specific steps you can take to become a better, safer driver; • What on-the-road training may be necessary to improve your skills.
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Are you secure for your holiday

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS , PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, BUSY ROADS , DANGEROUS DRIVING, EMPTY HOMES etc Are you secure for your holiday!. Fawcetts offers Driving Assessments , ensure you are driving carefully on the roads at these busy times. Book Now for a driving assessment on the all new driving simulator. Secure Your Home While ON HOLIDAY Be…
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