Home & Business Security Resolutions

January 2018 marks the month where rekindled New Year’s resolutions make their inauguration. While many become lost ambitions as the year passes on, don’t let security be the one to fall to the wayside. If you don’t have a security system, you’re putting yourself at risk. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow, here are some resolutions you can take on and to stick to find yourself better off in the New Year.

Security System Installation|Check Working Status

The ground floor, or foundation for your home safety starts with a security alarm. Whether you’re a business owner or residential customer, security alarms are simple devices that don’t cost much to get installed. Many times, you pay a small monthly fee, which pales in comparison to the effects of a burglary. Start small and get a security system installed or you can test the one you have to ensure that it is working properly that in the event of a burglary it would sound, lest you be caught unaware

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 Do A Walk-Through

A security technician is a great resource to get a professional opinion on weak spots on your property, but if you feel confident take a walk around your house to see where you could better secure your home. Look through your house for potential passages that could easily be accessed by burglars, check doors, windows, gates, fences and your security wall for any vulnerable areas that could be abused by criminal elements. Ask yourself this question if you were trying to get in your house, where would you go? How would you penetrate into it, answering this question will help you see areas that need improving?

walk through

 Buy a Safe

A safe, whether bolted to your ground floor or not, is something to not only stop burglars from accessing your belongings but protect them in the event of a fire. Every home should have a fireproof safe. For those who do have one, make sure all of your important documents are in your safe and accounted for.

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 Daylight Switchers|Buy Lights with Timers

It’s no coincidence that most burglaries happen at night; the lighter the better. All it takes to tip off a robbery and spoil a thief’s plot is just a passerby looking into your home. A little bit of light can go a long way. Timers and day light switches are cheap security purchases that will never go bad and make your house less desirable to enter.

Be Shrewd, Sharp & Observant

As simple as it sounds, the smallest mistakes, such as forgetting to lock your car or hiding your key in an easy spot are the most common reasons for theft. Be smart and before you leave your home, make sure you’re not making yourself an easy target

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 Hire Fawcetts

Security companies are the best and always the first port of call when it comes to home and business security, hiring or engaging in long-term services, is recommended depending on your available resources, as they come with skill and the know how in protecting your homes, business premises and dealing with and eliminating potential security risks, in essence security companies take on your risk and thus eliminating it from you by safeguarding  your valuable assets, your organization and family. Ensure that you resolve to engage the services of a reputable and trustworthy security company, hire a security firm Fawcetts Security