The benefits of doing a driving assessment

A comprehensive driving evaluation process can determine:

  • Whether you have the skills and abilities to drive safely;
  • What corrections (if any) are needed;
  • What specific steps you can take to become a better, safer driver;
  • What on-the-road training may be necessary to improve your skills.

A formal driving assessment can provide many benefits such as:


  • Behind-the-wheel practice to reduce or eliminate any problems or unsafe behaviors;
  • Flexibility exercises to keep you in good driving shape;
  • Counseling and advice on how to meet your specific transportation needs if driving is found to be unsafe.

·         There are several advantages of using a car driving simulator for driver training.



  • Relevant driver skills can be consistently practiced much better than in a real car on the road, the trainee gets much more driving experience in less time. This greatly enhances training efficiency.
  • More efficient transfer of controlled to automatic processing, which results in safer driving. Separate driving tasks, such as lane changing, can be practiced and repeated again and again. without the trainee being distracted by other dangers on the road.
  • Consistent and immediate feedback by a virtual instructor, which enhances speed of learning
  • Training in a safe environment without stress. Stress inhibits the efficient development of skills.
  • A guaranteed supply of instructive traffic situations. During an hour of driving on the road in a real car the occurrence of instructive traffic situations varies a lot. Sometimes nothing happens and sometimes there’s a lot of traffic, so the real world is very unpredictable. For efficient learning, you need predictable and carefully chosen learning situations.
  • Special circumstances, such as night driving, snow and rain, can be practiced anytime.

In short:

Controllability, reproducibility, and standardization.

Ease of data collection

Possibility of encountering dangerous driving conditions without being physically at risk.

Novel opportunity for feedback and instruction.


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