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Security Escort Services

Get a professional and experienced security detail trained specifically to escort important people and delegations during their stay in Zimbabwe.


Benefits of Having a Security Escort

  1. They give a feeling and assurance within that everything is secure, in their place and nothing wrong is happening because they are under their watch. It gives them comfort that somebody is standing by ready to respond to any security situation.
  2. They are masters of their assigned posts. They are aware of all the comings and goings of their environment. These are crucial especially during dire times or emergencies.
  3. They can assess danger. Because they are professionally trained and are always practicing “situational awareness,” they can sense tell-tale signs of clear and present danger. In dire times of calamity and conflict, they are the ones that lead your people towards safety.



Peculiar Stories

Rostom Razmadze served as Napoleon’s bodyguard for 17 years through some of his fiercest and most grueling campaigns. He is said to have slept across the doorway of Napoleon’s bedroom so that anyone entering would have had to cross him first. He was also probably the man closest to the famous.