How to secure your Mining Operation

How much do you know about your employees? Theft in the mining sector, according to global industry heavyweights across the world, leads to a drop in production and a huge dip in shares. Showing a prominent effect that warrants prevention.

The absolute remoteness of some mines acts as a natural barrier against illegal mining, but on-the-job robbery can be much more difficult to prevent, as mining companies continue to expand their projects to increase their production capacities, high-level security solutions are required to protect their assets.

Jewels, Gems & Precious Metals have tempted thieves ever since extraction first began, and as prices rise year after year, gold, silver, platinum and diamonds have only become more alluring, especially to those in close contact with them.


“The reality is, theft an issue,” It’s all about controlling the people and movements within that environment


Background Checks

“Mining companies must look into people’s backgrounds and check whether someone is allowed to enter a particular area within the mine site.”

In  gold mines, the areas at highest risk of theft are where the last stages of production take place i.e. the gold rooms, where visible, extracted gold is present. The same goes for diamond mines, where the further into the pit you go, the higher the concentrates are.

Security Guards | Monitored Workstations

“LCD and HD monitors are quickly being replaced by bio-metrics ranging from iris, fingerprint and facial recognition.” Not excluding CCTV’s to record and track any movement. Security officer’s also play a major role by complimenting what machines cannot do: entering into places machines cannot

Over time, mining companies have analysed data to discover these high-risk areas and taken steps to minimise the opportunity for employees to steal. Trained security personnel are a plus to your mining business, they’ll help detect, prevent and minimize mineral and equipment pilferage, and abuse, thus ensuring that losses are averted



Loss Prevention – Threat Detection Methods

By examining the efficiency and the effectiveness the mining process, checking if it’s running as it should be, minimum human input is required.

Explore into the motivation behind the decision to steal, and in-turn, attempts to shift people from being acquiescent to theft to actually resisting it. If you look at the distribution curve of honest versus dishonest people you find that people behave in a way which is a reflection of their society, their community etc.

“What we look at, in terms of motivation, is to provide people with the training they require as individuals around security and running – in the same way that you would run a safety programme. We have put a fair bit of effort into this,” Brown adds.

Harness New Age Technologies

Sophisticated data and analytical tools have been introduced into mines to help mining magnates dig for all the dirt on criminal behaviour happening on site.


Hire Security Expert’s

In the design and implementation of intelligent security mining solutions, including thermal cameras, intelligent video analytics, cable theft detection, and physical perimeter barriers, benefit from real-time situational awareness, instant visual verification of the exact cause, and location of any potential perimeter breach threat – even in total darkness, experts are a necessity, as they will ensure that all possible areas requiring security and monitoring are covered by man and machines

LCD and HD monitors, are quickly being replaced by biometrics ranging from iris, fingerprint and facial recognition in the access control environment.

Security Technologies for Mines

infra-red beams, motion sensors and thermal cameras to protect its mines. In addition, dual-authorisation access – are systems being picked up by leading mining companies – these stop miners from entering ‘no alone’ zones, “This requires two people with the same level of privileges to go into a certain area.

Preventative Approach

With so much security technology coming into play, mining companies may finally limit the risk of theft.

There is moving emphasis with mining security from man guarding to a more “holistic” /technical effort based on prevention and detection. Whatever the outcome, if mining companies are to protect their assets, they must take a preventative approach to theft.

A responsive approach to mining theft, where companies wait for their assets to be stolen before attempting to catch a culprit, could put their workers in grave danger.

The Fawcett’s Mining Division

Is managed by skilled personnel who have over 37 years’ experience in security. Their efforts are now entirely dedicated to security for the Mining Sector. Security guards in this Division will be specifically trained for Mining Security, ensuring the highest possible standards.

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