Driving Simulator Assessments & Defensive Driving Courses

To properly determine the road-readiness of each of your employees, why not sign them up for a defensive driving assessment course with our new state-of-the-art driving simulator at our new training center. The exercise is thorough and delivers detailed performance reports that tell you if you’re putting your assets into ready hands.

  • Assess the driving skill level of employees
  • Get driving performance reports for each driver
  • Reduce accidents and insurance related costs

Key Features

  • Presents real-life driving & traffic scenarios in adverse weather conditions or hazards
  • Analyses response time & vehicle handling technique
  • Produces detailed activity, performance and analysis reports


The driving simulator works by assessing your driving proficiency through varying driving conditions . The results of the assessments will determine what you need to improve on. And defensive driving training can be done to ensure improvement.

Any one with a license is a good candidate. Many drivers have picked up bad driving habits and the driving simulator helps one to acknowledge their habits and improve up on their skills.

The driving simulator prepares you for various driving conditions without the physical risk. This makes is a good way to ensure that learners are confident enough to take their driving test. Along with your instructor’s advice, the simulator will let you know if you are ready to take the test.

The assessment only takes twenty minutes, and will give you a report on what areas of driving you need to work on. 

Your organisation can assess potential drivers before giving them a company vehicle to see if they are proficient enough. This cuts the costs that come with accidents.

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