Dedicated services for the Mining Industry

The Implementation

Fawcetts seeks genuine partnerships with its clients. Mutual problems will be addressed and solutions will be found. Fawcetts fully understands that its services must be cost-effective to facilitate the "win-win" relationship to which it aspires.

The Mining Division

The Mining Division is managed by skilled personnel who have over vast experience in security. Their efforts are now entirely dedicated to security for the Mining Sector. Security guards in this Division will be specifically trained for Mining Security, ensuring the highest possible standards.

The Backup

Fawcetts has the widest and most comprehensive network of Regional and Branch offices in Zimbabwe. Fawcetts guard services can be effectively supported throughout the country.

The Partnership

Fawcetts has entered into meaningful partnerships within the Mining Sector and continues to provide reliable services of first world standards to Mines throughout Zimbabwe.

"For over 60 years, Fawcett Security has been the leading security service provider to the Mining Industry. The Mining sector is destined to lead Zimbabwe through its economic recovery and regain the country's rightful place within the SADC Region."

Constant research and monitoring of market requirements has lead to the adaption or introduction of new services and products as well as the support needed to provide a superior service to clients.

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