Having established its brand in the security industry, Fawcetts diversified into electronic security solutions 2009.

A wide range of products are available for differing environments. Systems can be designed to meet individual budgets.

Reaction Service

Alarm and panic systems can be connected by radio link to a Fawcett control room. This will facilitate the attendance of a Fawcett Reaction team in the event that the system is activated. Reaction teams are specially trained for this sensitive and high-risk duty. Vehicles are specially equipped with various tools to ensure that the team is able to respond to any eventuality.

Close Circuit Television Cameras

Closed circuit television cameras with intelligent monitoring and high megapixel detail for identification purposes are available. The digital watermark feature ensures that footage cannot be tampered with.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems for indoor and outdoor applications are available.

  • Outdoor systems are effective in security devices because they detect the intruder before entry into the building.
  • Indoor systems will alert the occupant to suspicious movements within the building.

Alarms are connected by a radio transmitter to our Control Room to facilitate Rapid Response. This will provide you with should you require:

  • Back-up to deal with the intrusion.
  • A security presence until a guard can be deployed to secure the area, should the occupant require this.
  • Access to the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and ZRP if their presence is required.


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Additional Services

Access Control Systems

Access control such as turnstiles, gate motors and biometric readers with either fingerprint or retinal scanning. Access control units can be linked to time and attendance systems for labour management purposes.

Labour Management Technology

Labour Management Technology comes in the form of a well established American brand, in which time and attendance are measured biometrically. This software can interface with any payroll system and conducts its own analysis, forecasts shift patterns, productivity and sales.

Panic Alarm Systems

Panic units can be installed as stand alone units or incorporated as part of an alarm system. Customers have the option of mobile or fixed units or a combination of both. Remote panic units covering distances of up to 400m in radius are available. Panic units can be integrated with electric gates, lazy man doors and alarm systems meaning that only one remote is required.

Alarm System Tips

Constant research and monitoring of market requirements has lead to the adaption or introduction of new services and products as well as the support needed to provide a superior service to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide standard packages but suggest that we survey your premises and provide you with a quotation to meet your specific requirements.

This is possible, certain hardware must be installed with the alarm system in in order that the alarm can be activated/deactivated remotely.

Our external alarm once armed protects the outside of your home from intruders attempting to reach your home. This type of alarm allows for free and unrestricted movement within.

An internal alarm once armed protects your home from intruders attempting to gain access into your home. Movement within is restricted. However, by passing a zone will allow some movement.

Our alarms are all connected to a 12-volt battery to back up the alarm in times of electricity cuts, we can also supply solar back up to keep the alarm battery charged.

You are able to view your cameras remotely on condition that you have a reliable internet connection at the source of the cameras and at your remote location.

Yes, we link your cameras to a Digital Video Recorder with a varying size storage capacity of your choice. These recordings can be used as evidence in a Court of Law.

CCTV cameras are used as a deterrent against crime and do have the ability to prevent or reduce crime providing they are used proactively.

Provided that your Digital Video Recorder is connected to the internet and certain hardware is connected to the CCTV camera system any tampering of the cameras will send an alert.

Alternatively, after hours, cameras can be protected by alarm sensors.

No, not with standard CCTV cameras. However, it is possible to install cameras fitted with microphones if required.

In the larger cities, normally 10-15 minutes due to high traffic levels and the observance of the road rules. In the smaller towns, this time is reduced considerably.

No, we do not charge for each response, A monthly fee is charged which covers monitoring and response.

We have strategic fuel supplies to ensure the vehicles keep running.

Currently the firearms act does not permit the arming of guards for response services, however, our crews are armed gas guns that are able to shoot solid plastic and pepper ball ammunition.

Yes, our response crews are fully trained and provided with equipment to scale electric gates and electric fences and gates and fences with spikes.