Professionally Trained to provide the utmost security

Fawcett Guard Operations

  • Static guards for all environments - including industrial properties, retailers, residences and embassies, high-rise buildings and offices, as well as mines.
  • Guard Dogs - highly trained to attack and honed to obey their handlers.
  • Beat Patrols or Inspection Visits - spontaneous checks on premises by a roving supervisor.
  • Searching of client employees - to reduce the likelihood of employee theft and collusion.
  • Two-way radio communications - with local Control Rooms, support our men in the field.
  • Armed Guards where authorised.
  • Plain Clothes Guards and Undercover Operatives.
  • Guards for Residential Street Patrols.
  • Security Surveys.

Motorized Supervision

Fawcett Security provides undercover details and private investigations for all sectors within the Zimbabwean economy country wide. Please contact our highly skilled and experienced staff for more information.

Trained Guard Dogs

Our Dog section offers Well trained and obedient guard dogs for all applications.


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Constant research and monitoring of market requirements has lead to the adaption or introduction of new services and products as well as the support needed to provide a superior service to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guards are supplied with pepper spray, baton sticks, handcuffs and 2-way radio communications to communicate with our 24-hour control rooms.

Yes, this is possible. It would depend on the size of your property, the duties of the guard and the sensitive area that you would want protected by and alarm.

Our guards are armed where cash and bullion and other precious stones are required. Other circumstances require approval from the Controller of Firearms upon application by the customer.

Our guards are physically supervised by motorized supervisors at varying times during the guard’s shift. Our guards can also be supervised electronically.

Every Fawcett Security Guard is issued with a Fawcett Security uniform bearing our logos and badges. Each security guard is issued with a company identification bearing his name, company number and national registration number. Each guard when reporting for duty at your premises for the first time will be introduced to the customer by one of our supervisors.