How a Security Patrol is Conducted

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How A Security Patrol is Conducted

Patrols are essential routines in a security guard’s daily routine, basic safe and effective techniques are required.  From walking without causing attention, to staying in contact with a supervisor, being a security guard requires the ability to stay calm and remain focused on the task ahead.  Every technique has a specific purpose and benefit

Here are some tips on conducting security patrols.

Many consider patrol techniques to be more important for residential security.  The truth is that any site that requires a security guard to walk requires patrolling, construction, hotel, Industrial and farming sites are two examples of types of locations that require security patrol skills. Security companies emphasis the importance of proper patrol techniques for one main reason.  Security companies know that security guards need to use proper patrol techniques to protect, safe guard their client’s property and protect themselves from harm.

To ensure that quality service is provided below are some helpful techniques and strategies, to ensure that

Wear Comfortable Shoes

When on foot patrol, guards should wear comfortable shoes this will allow walking for the entirety of your shift. Most private security firms do not provide their guards will shoes.  it is every security guard’s responsibility to get proper footwear.  The shoes should be supportive, with rubber soles and you should be able to run in them if necessary.

Always Carry Your Gear
A guard should always carry whatever defense gear they are allowed to, for quick access to defense items, a guard should always ensure that they are in good working order before you begin their shift.  Defensive gear can be on the belt of a guard these are some of the things that every security guard should have.

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Keep a safe distance during conversations

It’s important for a guard to remain out of reach when speaking with members of the public by looking at the person, keeping a safe distance and watching for movement of their upper torso.

Randomized Guard Patrols

Maintaining random patrolling intervals. A guard should never do patrols at the same time every hour. All patrols should be random, and often be mixed up. Be it a ten-minute interval, then a thirty-minute interval, mixing it up with a fifteen-minute interval in between, security guard patrols should not be predictable.

Walk Wide & Walk Tightly

Walk wide around corners. Walking tightly around corners, to avoid running the risk of allowing a criminal to hide around a corner and surprising them. Taking corners wide and use of a flashlight around every corner.


Change Routes | Use Different Pathways

Taking different patrol routes : Major mistakes new security officers make is taking the same route during every patrol. Making use different routes, and sometimes backtracking is way to deter predictability.  Doing so prevents suspects from predicting any most likely movements of a guard at any given time.