The Benefits of a Trained Security Guard Dog

Guard Dog

You may have been looking for the perfect way to enhance the safety and security of your home and family, and a security dog may be the right solution for you. Guard dog training is beneficial for your home protection and security. A trained security guard dog, is beneficial for your home protection and security. When getting a dog, you must consider if you want him to be a companion or you also would like a watch dog. There are certain dogs that may be suitable to protect your home and they should definitely benefit of such training.

Guard Dog Breeds

Typically, any medium sized or large dog breed can be suitable for security dog training. However, the dog’s temperament is essential. German Shepard dog breeds are the best all-rounders, they can be easily trained, and are well disciplined animals, and obedient

 Friendly, Gentle Pets

Most dogs are alert when new people come to visit, so they may protect you in a sense; however, dogs that benefit from professional guard dog training will be very intimidating whenever strangers approach. For the rest of the time, the trained guard dog will be a friendly, gentle pet. Guard dogs are trained to recognize threats and act fiercely only in situations that may threat the owner. Guard dogs are desensitized to loud noises and threat gestures, so these will not frighten him when he needs to protect the home.

There are several types of guard dog training:

• Alert dog training; this will teach the dog to alert the family by barking
• Attack dog training; the dog will be taught to attack an intruder

You may choose the most appropriate guard training according to your needs. In case you opt for the attack training, you must know that the dog will also be trained to accept the family members. A guard dog may give you and your family a sense of security.

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 Proper Obedience Training

Guard dog training will consist of an initial obedience training, so your dog will be taught the obedience basics. Not only will you have a watch dog, but you will also have a dog with exemplary manners.

Guard Dog’s Quicker Response | Faster Reflexes

”Typically trained guard dogs have faster reflexes and should respond quicker when you ask them to do something, ideally on your first command” A dog having only basic obedience training will probably need several commands before he actually completes an action.

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Guard Dog Loyalty

A dog that is trained as a watch dog is taught not to listen to other people’s commands. The dog will only listen to his owner and will not accept treats from others, so the dog cannot be bribed. This makes it difficult for an intruder to enter the house.

Unlike obedience training, security dog training may be performed at any age. A dog may acquire the necessary skills to protect your home even after he matures.However, it is important that he gets guard dog training as soon, and as early as possible, so that he won’t learn other skills that may interfere with the attack dog skills. For instance, if a dog is trained not to jump on things, he will hesitate when being asked to jump during the guard training sessions. You can also request security services together with a trained security guard dog as security package Find out more here