A People-centric Approach to Security

What makes security officers effective? Should they be big and scary? Should they be fearless and bold? It could be all of the above; but most of all, security officers should  empathize with the people they are trusted to keep safe. Security officers are highly visible figures who serve those that they protect. From basic home surveillance to crowded streets, security officers are prominent figures in chaotic environments. Whether its responding to an emergency or giving directions, they are resourceful leaders who assist the public in many ways. Therefore, Security officers must be people-oriented with an affinity to customer service.

Service guards in formation.

People-centric security involves providing training and resources to your employees to help them identify and handle security threats while showing a tangible level of emotional intelligence. They should have the ability to recognise other’s emotions as well as their own, and must always be ready to respond and assist others accordingly.

Security officer sitting at his desk assisting people.

The effectiveness of a people-oriented approach is something we value at Fawcett Security. Our security officers are trained to demonstrate commitment to customer service and to show compassion to those whose safety we are responsible for. We are committed to helping people because people are the foundation of the security industry. Therefore it is critical that security officers are carefully screened, selected, trained and matched to environments where they will excel. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you highly skilled and experienced staff to keep you safe.