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The meaning of securitysecurity today, term “security” can mean many different things to many people, and there are many companies claiming that they are selling security, but what is it they are selling?

Security can mean many different things to individuals, organizations, and locations.

Health Security

o Health security 

o Emotional security

o Financial security

o Economic security

o Personal security 

Household security

o Household security

o Resource security

o National security

o Environmental security

o Cyber security

The term security is normally used to indicate physical guarding, cyber-security, or technical systems such as video surveillance and intruder alarms.

This type of security interpretation rarely appears to address other areas indicated in the list above, yet security crosses all aspects of our personal and business lives and, if applied correctly, could address many of people’s concerns.

The Sage Dictionary of Criminology defines security as “the state of being secure, specifically freedom of fear, danger, risk, care, poverty, anxiety.”

Therefore, the opposite of security must be insecurity. It is within this insecurity that the security market seeks to sell services, to individuals or companies to purchase

Defining Insecurity

The role of security firms is to understand where the client’s needs for security help them define their insecurity; and then determine what security means to them at personal and organizational levels — all the while developing ways in which security mitigation’s can be measured.

There is a famous saying: “If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.”

The purpose of security measurement is to show that the client’s insecurity can and has been reduced, therefore attributing some meaning to it, whilst indicating what residual security-related issues are still evident or may emerge, such as disaffected young people.

It needs to be remembered that the client’s interpretation of security will be influenced by personal and professional viewpoints, which have been constructed by organizational and social structures. Local, national, and international governments influence these structures through the implementation of policies.

Security Value and Meaning - Meaning of Security, Security Today

Security Value and Meaning

In order to prove the value and meaning of security, we need to be clear on the risks being addressed. The mitigation’s should be developed along lines that can attribute a value and ideally show a reduction of the risk.

Clients and security providers should also ensure they understand and record where they see future insecurity developing due to the proposed or implemented security mitigation measures. This should allow for future planning, and it may well be another area in which the business of security could expand.

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