Winter Security Tips & Advice



It is never too late to take precautions to raise the safety level in and around your home during winter. Generally, winter is regarded as the season where many more things can go wrong with maintenance of a property.  Household incomes soar in winter, i.e. expenditure towards electricity, and gas, slightly goes up as people try to stay warm.

Home Burglaries – Under cover of added darkness, burglars use the opportunity to break in. “It is not only the financial loss that we want to protect people from, but also the distress caused by knowing a stranger invaded the home.” Indeed, the stress and emotional trauma of a home burglary can be traumatic. We suggest the following winter security tips:

Winter Security Tips - Home Burglaries

Locks Doors and Windows – It is amazing how many homeowners are careless with this basic security measure. Always lock doors and all windows, including above ground windows. Many homeowners take extra security measure with windows and sliding glass doors, including adding security bars to discourage entry.

Winter Security Tips - Lock Doors & Windows

Get a Safe – For your valuables, a safe is a terrific idea. Keeping jewellery that is rarely worn but which has value in a safe deposit box is another security measure. Insurance companies often offer discounts to homeowners with safes to store valuables.

Winter Security Tips - Get a Safe

Time-switch Lights – If you travel or get home late, why not purchase a few timer switches to turn lights on when dark sets? At the same time, insurance companies think it sound policy to draw curtains and drapes. This will prevent prospective burglars from studying the interior of the home.


Avoid Hiding Keys – If we assume burglars are watching the house, we realize we should not hide keys to the home outside the door. It is better to leave a spare key with a neighbour and to make sure all residents have their own key and never lend it out. Insurance companies warn about allowing contractors to have keys to enter the residence when work is needed.
Try using Smart Locks it’s totally key-less and lets you open your door through a variety of different methods so there’s no more hiding spare keys under door mats or plant pots. Find out more about Smart Locks.

Hiding Keys -Winter Security Tips

Install a Security Alarm System – Today’s security alarms address all the features that burglars hate; light, noise and video devices. Adding flood lights activated by motion around the home’s perimeter increases the effect. Alarms draw attention to the burglary in progress and recording camera make identification a real rick for the perpetrator. Today, you can have recording cameras programmed to transmit images to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Additionally, the alarm system can send a notice to the security provider who will respond quickly. An added benefit of today’s security systems is that they can recognize and alert residents of fires or even high carbon levels or gas in the air. Insurance companies make allowances for homes with modern security systems.


Keep Yard Area Well Light – Make sure all doors, are well lit. Use flood lights to discourage burglars.

Winter Security Tips - Keeping Tidy

Keep Front Garden – Tidy An untrimmed hedge, stack of rubbish bags or unused garden furniture littered around the garden all give a potential burglar a place to hide from sight as people walk past your property. Try to keep your front and back garden tidy to avoid giving somebody a route to sneak up to your property without being seen.
Before winter begins and at least once during the winter period, it is a good idea to check your property.

Check the seams and insulation in your piping system. Be sure to turn and drain outdoor water spigots and the sprinkler system if you have one. Importantly, have your geyser and air conditioner checked at least once a year and definitely before winter especially.

Remember to secure the garage and lock the door from the garage to the house, and do not forget to acquire security services