CCTV Security Surveillance | Home Security Camera Placement 

CCTV Security Surveillance
CCTV security surveillance systems are an important asset in today’s security, choosing the right places to install your cameras is also as important as finding the right cameras for your home. To do so, it’s best to walk through your home with your security goals in mind. Consider places like first storey windows, garage doors or patios as points of entry that would be most appealing to intruders.

Before installing a home CCTV surveillance system, make full preparation for your ideal home security camera placement.  Start planning security camera placements for home with the following questions in mind:

  • Where do you think you actually need security cameras?
  • Where are the most vulnerable spots on your property?
  • Do you have any entrances that are obscured, such as windows or doors that would be especially appealing to thieves?
  • Has your home ever experienced a break-in, even when previous owners lived there?
  • If there was a break-in, where was it?

CCTV Security Surveillance, Fawcetts Security

All of these questions matter and can be acted as home security camera placement guidelines, helping to determine the best locations for installing home security cameras.

Front Door Camera Placement
Ideally install one of your surveillance cameras here. To prevent an intruder from tampering with your camera, get it placed at on a high level, or even in the eaves or close to the gutter of your house, and focus it on the front door.

Back Door Camera Placement
Some housebreakers may enter through the back and side doors, get cameras installed here, as well. It’s important to arm each entry door with a camera (if the resources are sufficient). Again, make the effort to place your camera out of the reach of human hands, or to protect it from anything an intruder might throw at it. Placing cameras at rear windows of your house or property will allow you to catch any intruders who may be out of view of the street.

CCTV Security Surveillance, Fawcetts Security

How Many Security Cameras Do You Require?
How many security cameras one may need to protect their home or premises generally depends on the property size and layout.  Consider the following: many areas you want to monitor, camera viewing angles and indoor vs. outdoor cameras to determine how many cameras are needed.
Surveillance systems offer either single or multiple channels. Each channel represents a single camera, so the number of channels needed in a system directly corresponds with the number of cameras one might plan on using.

Get Professional CCTV Installation Services?
A professional installer can save you time with the assurance that your cameras are installed correctly. They can also ensure you’re using the right cameras for the type of surveillance you need and also make sure your security cameras are angled correctly and your walls are protected during the installation.

Purchase a CCTV security system and hire the services of qualified personnel. In doing so you increase your security level and the installation will be done correctly the first time. To find out more on CCTV security systems and available accessories visit Fawcetts Security