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Reflective Clothing

Whether you a driver, athlete, cyclist or just want to be seen on the road at night our reflector vets are just what you need

Reflective material is exactly as it sounds. It’s a unique textile that has millions of microscopic beads embedded in its surface. Each bead holds within it a rounded mirror that bounces – or reflects – light directly back to its source. Your grandfather likely saw an early example of it in the 1930’s. 3M manufactured a reflective tape to bond to road surfaces to help drivers see along what were most certainly unlit roads. The early road and highway system lacked adequate lighting and when cars went off the road, it was often because drivers were unable to see the center and edges of roads.

The first use of reflective material in sportswear was to snazz up sneakers. Soon it was seen in high-end jackets and other running gear. But it was always a skinny line of silver reflective piping. Which was better than nothing. It was a decorative application with a minor WOW factor.


Today’s reflective material is technically a far cry from its humble beginnings. We’re light years ahead of silver piping. Large patches of reflective are used in the making of uniforms for people who work outside in potentially dangerous situations to increase their visibility to oncoming drivers.

Security Cables

Coaxial cable is used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals. Its applications include feedlines connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, digital audio (S/PDIF), and distributing cable television signals.


Tri-Circle Pad Locks

The hasp on the lock unlocks on the side opposite that hole. Typically, inside that hole is a spring that pushes the lock open when the key is turned. The hole is simply for drainage of water so that the side of the block could not fill up with water and then would not be able to open. Other locks have holes near where the key goes in that are typically used for releasing the cylinder to re-key the lock if needed.



Make sure that your generator is running properly, and is ready for its first power outage. Get your generator from our shop, you are guaranteed quality and reliability.


Safety Shoes


Safety boots are shoes made with a protective reinforcement at the front making them quite durable. The reinforcement help protect the toes from falling objects or any kind of compression..

Safety footwear these days is a mandatory requirement in many industries like the construction and mining industries.

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